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About Us

When we discovered Ulupelit Village about 20 years ago, we were highly fascinated by how pleasantly life flows here, independent of time and place. Like all its other visitors, we were also captured by the charms of this beautiful village and it became impossible for us to leave and go back to the city. 

As a family who enjoy traveling, we always get inspired by the delightful memories and delicious tastes we come across during our travels. With our passion for new discoveries, commitment to nature, and urge to share the beauties surrounding us, we started Casa Lavanda as a place of feeling good and richer through sharing meaningful experiences together.  

Standing in the middle of a 21,000 sq. m natural setting with 14 guestrooms, and sustainable architecture, Casa Lavanda pays attention to using renewable energy sources. 

Our meticulous service is shaped around our quality of life philosophy. Balancing this great city of Istanbul and addressing the desire urban residents have towards natural living, we aim to provide a calm and peaceful rest since our opening in 2010, that is as pure and simple as nature. When we were constructing Casa Lavanda on 21 acres of green landscape we paid deliberate attention to be in harmony with ecosystem sustainability and use distinctive architectural and decoration elements. 

Focusing on comfort both indoors and outdoors in the construct of our hotel with 14 exclusive guestrooms, we used all-natural materials, mainly stone and wood, and energy obtained from natural and renewable sources, wherever possible. 

Casa Lavanda, a dream of our own, has been transformed into a complete family business after our son Emre, a talented Chef joined our team following his education in gastronomy.

To create a delightful setting being our top priority, showing meticulous attention in every detail and determination to always pursue the better, all naturally came along with being a family business. 

Our Family

Feryal Bodur Şen: Austrian High School and Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts graduate. She crafted and mastered in industrial ceramic design for 26 years. She is now the proud host of Casa Lavanda.

Ahmet Şen: Graduate of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi (High School) and Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, he worked in tourism and hospitality industry for a while. He continues to work for his home textile exporting company.

Emre Şen: Our Chef. Having graduated from Italian High School, Emre went straight to Italy to study architecture. However, listening to his heart and mind, he shifted his focus on Gastronomy. He got an education on Professional Cookery and Pastry at Culinary Arts Academy in Istanbul. He worked with renowned chefs including Mehmet Gurs at Mikla and, Michelin Star Maurilio Garola in Alba in Italy.

Now he creates his own recipes in his own kitchen and manages Casa Lavanda.

Ekin Şen: Emre's brother. He graduated from Koç University, with a degree in Business. He helps us in his free time. Ekin is planning to take more responsibility at Casa Lavanda in the coming years.