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Witness the magic of bio-dynamic gardening.

Count the blessings of our homegrown bounty:

350 vegetables including 40 varieties of tomato and 25 different salad leaves;

2000 strawberry plants and 50 aromatic herbs and spices; 

Melons, blackberries, redcurrants, cherries, apricots, apples, pears… the list goes on.

Embrace nature’s wonders courtesy of our 2,000-square-metre biodynamic farm.

Chef Emre is a man on a mission to tend the land with love and leaving the world a better place for his daughter. Every square metre of our on-site farm benefits from Emre’s extensive research into biodynamic and permaculture methods. Collecting and planting hundreds of non-genetically engineered ancestral seeds from around the world, he farms in line with the lunar calendar using homemade organic compost from kitchen and office waste to boost plant immunity. As he says, “We feed the soil so the soil feeds us.”

The butterflies that dance over the flowers at Casa Lavanda are as much a part of the vision as the farm tools: by attracting beneficial insects and increasing biodiversity with medicinal and aromatic plants, Emre learnt that he could control pests without chemicals. It’s a passion that continues to fill him with wonder as he absorbs everything the land has to teach him about being a good custodian.