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A Mediterranean in Ulupelit

Savour refined Mediterranean cuisine elevated by local ingredients.

Relish the seasonal freshness of produce from our biodynamic farm.

Enjoy artisan delights sourced from farmers of Şile, foragers, and friends.

Let our award-winning flavours tell their own gastronomic story.



Taste the love in every bite of Chef Emre’s award-winning dishes. Every mouthful of our menus represents the care and commitment that went into it. We grow over 80% of the produce we use in our 2,000-square-metre biodynamic farm, which produces its own compost and nutrients – largely from our kitchen waste – in addition to relying on wholly organic methods.

We source the rest of our produce seasonally from local farmers, foragers, and friends: wild mushrooms from Ulupelit; seafood selected by Mr. Yavuz from Derya Balık; award-winning olive oils from Edremit; corn flour milled in a traditional water mill in Kalealtı; custom-made artisan cheeses that we mature in our own kitchens, and duck and quail eggs from Şile Operacı Farm among much more deliciousness. From cosy meals to corporate catering, our passion is clear for all to taste.


Overlooking the garden of Casa Lavanda with a fireplace in the middle, at Lavanta Lounge Bar our signature cocktails made with fresh and seasonal farm products as well as classics with our own twists are served.


Following the graduation from the Italian High School, Emre Şen went on to study architecture in Italy. Giving heed to the voice of his own mind and emotions, Şen inclined to gastronomy and was educated on Professional Cookery and Pastry at the Culinary Arts Academy. Then, he worked with Chef Mehmet Gürs at Mikla in Italy, and with Michelin-Starred Chef Maurilio Garola at Treiso in Italy. Emre Şen, who worked alongside Mehmet Gürs at Mikla Restaurant and Michelin-starred Chef Maurilio Garola in Alba/Italy, adds his passion and joy to every plate he serves at Casa Lavanda.

Culinary Garden

Species, such as thyme, lime thyme, melissa, bee balm, rosemary, sage tea, tarragon, sweet basil, basil, chive grown in our organic farm, are decorating your plates as a separate touch, and as a separate flavor in every season.


Through our superior catering services, we make you experience the Casa Lavanda quality everywhere, regardless of your event or organization. We bring delicious meals to your tables; we promise you to host your guests in the best way possible by our experienced team. All you have to do is to enjoy the day through our catering team that provides service on a wide spectrum from corporate events to wedding organizations.