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About Us

In a wild forested haven where songbirds trill and jackals howl,

discover a home away from home dedicated to sustainable living:

15 homely rooms and an award-winning restaurant in 21 acres of gardens,

where biodynamic farming, renewable energy, and natural connection take centre stage.

Welcome to Casa Lavanda: where life slows to a blissful sigh.

From the moment we discovered the peaceful charm of Ulupelit Village in 1990, we were captivated by the feeling of transcending time and surrendering to nature.

In 1992, hand in hand, stone by stone, we began building somewhere to raise our family. We designed every item of furniture and soft furnishings, planted thousands of trees, and let our dream evolve organically with the seasons.

In 2009 – in collaboration with our now grown-up sons, Chef Emre and host extraordinaire, Ekin – we opened Casa Lavanda: a place for family and friends to share meaningful experiences and discover the joy that comes from attuning to the flow of nature, just a 45-minute drive from central Istanbul.

Feryal and Ahmet Sen