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Our Family

“Ahmet and I always only ever dreamt of living our lives with our family and friends, all of us together, working closely and with joy. Having the same goal with each other made everything possible, turned our dream into a reality. I am grateful for everything we have as a family. Being in nature, working with nature, and having nature provide for us is a blessing.”

Feryal Sen, Casa Lavanda


“Feryal’s refined taste in life and gusto has coloured our lives. I have learned and still do learn so much from her. After 37 years together, she still surprises me and makes me laugh every day.”

Ahmet on Feryal

Feryal brings a Fine Arts degree from Istanbul Academy and a 26-year career in industrial ceramic design to the melting pot of family skills that brought Casa Lavanda into being. From the exquisite lighting to the bespok handmade furniture, Feryal and her trusty sketchpad are responsible for it all. Described by sons Emre and Ekin as “loving and always cheerful with great taste in art”, you can see some of her artworks – as well as her own mother’s – on the walls of Casa Lavanda.



“Ahmet is the brains of this family and is always in charge whenever Casa Lavanda grows. Knowing he is by our side supporting us is invaluable to me and to the kids. He is my other half.”

Feryal on Ahmet

In the words of his sons, Ahmet is “rigorous, disciplined and always fair, with great knowledge and skills.” His Business Administration degree from Istanbul University proved another valuable asset to the family team, as well as his Hotel Manager experience and 30 years running his own textile business. Growing up with limited financial resources makes him even more proud of “the heaven” the family have created: “in every piece of stone and tree lies our hard work and determination.”



“You can see Emre’s pure heart through his eyes. He pushed the boundaries in his teenage years but found himself through cooking, becoming a great husband, father, and chef.”

Ahmet on Emre

Growing up at Casa Lavanda before it became a hotel infuses a familial warmth and pride into every dish Emre serves. While studying architecture in Italy, he realised his true passion was gastronomy, going on to study at Istanbul’s Culinary Arts Academy before honing his skills alongside Mehmet Gürs at Mikla and Michelin-starred Maurilio Garola in Alba, Italy. He is now happiest tending his 2,000 square metre biodynamic farm and using its harvest to craft outstanding culinary creations. 



“Ekin is cool, disciplined and hardworking with perfect social skills. Wherever we go, there’s someone he knows. He is very much loved and has become a great manager with many responsibilities.”

Ahmet on Ekin

Determined and hardworking like his father, fun-loving Ekin grew up helping at Casa Lavanda during weekends and summers, crediting these experiences for helping him to mature and gain his renowned interpersonal skills. While working as an auditor for Ernst & Young following his Business degree at Koç University, Ekin still returned to assist at weddings and events, and – in 2019 – joined the team full time, assuming all administrational, financial, and organisational responsibility.