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Relieve muscle pain with Myotherapy.

Restore visible vitality with expert skin-sculpting.

Absorb the healing purity of natural botanicals.

And turn your Casa Lavanda stay into a transformational retreat.

Surrender to plant power and a multi-disciplinary approach in our fabulous spa, complete with forest-view sauna.

From anti-ageing thermo amino facial peels to hydrating full body massages, Shiatsu to Balinese Massage, dedicated men’s treatments to body polishes and wraps… every spa experience at Casa Lavanda draws from a harmonious blend of plants and pure essential oils.

Darphin have revolutionised the beauty industry for more than 60 years with their pioneering ‘whole body’ approach and philosophy of precision. Natural botanicals are incorporated into each product one ingredient at a time to preserve potency and integrity, and each product is aligned with a specific massage technique to enhance its skin-sculpting benefits.

It’s this respect for the power and profundity of nature that continues our story of connection and care into our spa. And the results are clear to see: rejuvenated healthier-looking skin and a happier, more relaxed you.