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Beauty lies in the details ...

Manolya (Magnolia), Ortanca (Hydrangea), Sığla (Sweetgum), Sedir (Cedar), Erguvan (Judas tree), Ihlamur (Linden), Söğüt (Willow), Meşe (Oak), Kayın (Beech), Ardıç (Juniper), Servi (Cypress), Ladin (Spruce), Defne (Bay) and Akasya (Accacia) Each room is different from the other and all are filled with elegant details.

In all the guestrooms inspired by the sounds of nature, you may encounter with Cemal Süreya, a famous poet, at your bedside, or enjoy reading Turgut Uyar, another well-known poet in Turkish Literature, against the magnificent views of the forest ahead. You may sip your coffee at the balcony of Manolya or savor the sun on the terrace of Sığla or simply satisfy your sense of space in the vast comfort of the Erguvan.

  • 55 sq. m
  • Entrance from the garden, balcony
  • Mountain, forest and pond views
  • Entrance hall      
  • Study                        
  • Couch, rocking chair
  • Bathtub     
  • Capsule coffee machine